Commercial Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings — New Construction

Permitting Process
Dan A. SpeakmanConcept drawings of the proposed building are developed taking into consideration dimensions of the building, including eave height and roof pitch, overhead door and pass door locations, bay spacings, and general layout for use of building interior. We can figure the preliminary cost of the building itself at this point.

With this preliminary concept drawing completed, we can proceed with the site plan process: Research for deeds and plans of subject property; field detail and top survey; test holes and perc tests; layout of building on property with driveways, parking, drainage, septic, etc.

Upon completion of the site plan, a filing is made for a meeting with the local site plan review committee. The site plan review committee is generally made up of representatives from different agencies: Health, Building, Concom, Planning Board, Fire Dept., etc., or sometimes it is a designated agency such as the Planning Board.

Dan A. SpeakmanWhen the site plan review committee has approved the plans, we are then able to formalize the contract pricing and also we can order the building from the factory. The structural engineers at the factory will send us the reactions (forces that will act on the building) in about two weeks.

When we receive the reactions from the factory our engineers can design the foundation and we can apply for a foundation permit. Once we have the foundation permit in hand, we can begin clearing, excavating and pouring the foundation.

About 4-6 weeks after the building has been ordered, the plans for the building should arrive. With these plans and our certified plot plan of our new foundation, we will obtain the actual building permit.

Dan A. SpeakmanApproximately 10 weeks after the building has been ordered, the building itself will arrive, we will unload it and begin the erection.

Our contracts for new buildings consist of general terms (usually cost plus 15%), specs on building and all phases of construction that we are involved in. A sheet showing projected costs of each phase, and a payment schedule.

Commercial Maintenance and Repairs

In addition to erecting new metal buildings, this year we will offer maintenance and repairs on existing metal buildings.

Dan A. SpeakmanInterior re-insulation, sealing old roofing, replacing roofing with new insulation or “roof overs” with added insulation; add, replace or repair damaged overhead and pass door openings and trim, etc., installing curbs for large ducts or A.C. units etc., and adding or replacing old gutters are typical of what is required to maintain or revitalize your aging metal building and add value to your property.

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